I grew up in India, a melting pot of rich cultures and traditions. Ironically, the distance from my homeland created a strong urge to understand these roots within me. This has translated into a series of drawings and paintings exploring the different facets of Indian culture, the values it inculcates, and the hard-to-define “Indianness” that makes me who I am. In particular, the themes I capture are: respect for the gifts of nature, dance and music, essential components of our faith, the spiritual side of India encountered time and again, the unquestioning devotion of its people, as well as striking contrasts and contradictions. After embarking on my artistic journey, each trip back home has been eye-opening, revealing nuances I had not noticed earlier. It is these nuances of expression, pattern and color that are central to my work. My artwork spans a wide range of material; from oil paintings on canvas, large scale charcoal and pastel drawings, to assemblages of found objects including acrylic paintings done on paper bags. The attention to detail that I bring into my work is a product of the long thought process each piece immerses me in. This artistic journey not only enables me to share what my identity means to me, but also helps bridge the gap between my home away from home and my desire to stay deeply rooted in the Indian fabric.