Khayal (Imagination)

To me Khayal embodies the process of taking a thought or a figment of one’s imagination and creating from it a work of art. The paintings in this section depict the essential components that form the foundations of Khayal. Melody and rhythm are integral to this free form, highly improvised genre. As with every art form, Khayal has the backing of a rich heritage that crosses the borders of language and cultures. The Gwalior Fort reflects the influence of a teacher, a “Gharana”, which serves as a perpetual guide through one’s artistic journey. The composition with flowers portrays inspiration, as well as an artist’s innate urge to give a unique, individual voice and form to beauty through abstraction. Above all comes unrelenting practice, “Riyaz”, without which a through remains a mere thought. When all these components come together, the result is infinity; a whole that is much larger than the sum of its parts.

Khayal (Imagination) | 2013 | Indian Classical Music - A Portrait