Kabir Bhajan (Devotional Song)

A Portrait of Kabir Bhajan,  2012, Acrylic on Paper, 36″ x 72″.

You won’t find me in a temple, in a mosque, in a shrine or in a tomb; look within yourself and you will find me there”, so go the thought provoking lines of a famous Kabir Bhajan. Saint Kabir prescribed a philosophy of oneness, a faith in something that has no form; a faith in oneself above all. Kabir was a simple weaver, and his Bhajans brought his philosophy to the masses through simple metaphors of day to day phenomenon such as a leaf falling off a tree, a sawn soaring in the skies, the grinding of grain and the act of weaving. His thoughts indeed wove the fabric of “Bhakti” in society, leading to the widespread Bhakti movement. Kabir’s Dohas, which we learnt growing up as kids, are simple, yet profound, and hence have universal appeal – everyone from the young to the old can derive something meaningful out of them. The Bhajan’s are a lot more than devotional poems, they are a way of life, providing listeners with the inspiration to embark on a contemplative journey, portrayed through the metaphor of the lone boatman on a boundless ocean.

Kabir Bhajan (Devotional Song) | 2013 | Indian Classical Music - A Portrait